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kalyan Mukherjee's style of playing Sarod draws the attention of the audience and his performance is promising and encouraging beyond doubt.
Anandabazar Patrika

Kalyan Mukherjee's 'meend','tana', and tihai both in Desh and pilu reminded one of the powerful expression of his Guru,Ustad Bahadur Khan.

The Statesman.

Encomlums from emlnent musician (excerpts)

"Groomed by Sarod Maestro late Ustad Bahadur Khan of famous Maihar Gharana he had become a reputed Sarod player.After the untimely demise of the Ustad he is taking lessons on Indian Classical music under myself. He has performed from many reputed platforms in and outside the state."

Pt Ajoy Sinha Roy

"Kalyan has learned Sarod under the able guidance of late Ustad Bahadur Khan and at present he is one of the senior most disciple of Sri Ajoy Sinha Roy.I appreciate his sense of aesthetic ness and taiwari in his Sarod playing.I feel he has every capacity to establish himself as a good performer in this country and abroad"
’’ Kalyan Mukherjee ,anoted sarod disciple of Ustad Bahadur Khan,and
his alap and jod in raga kausikanada, coloured the evening , due to his
delightful and melodious strokes.’’
(The Times of India)
’’Kalyan Mukherjee’s sarod playing expresses his dedication to the music
and his performance was attractive and powerful.’’ (Bartaman)
‘’Kalyan Mukherjee is a sarod player from the maihar school of playing .
His alap in kafi kanada was very attractive and tuneful and his gat
In rupaktal(7 beats) was extremely rhythmic and delightful.’’

(Anandabazar Patrika)

’’Kalyan Mukherjee’s sarod playing in Golpark Ramakrishna Mission
on16th august 2007 was a wonderful experience. He played alap in raga Yaman kalyan and gat in raga jhinjhoti. In a word it was excellent.’’
’ The twelve part long alap in raga yaman kalyan played by kalyan
Mukherjee in golpark Ramakrishna mission proves his profound
Knowledge in music.’’ (India Today)